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International Distribution

Fromm is available outside of the USA through the following distributors.

  Canada Authorized Distributor
Tri-Natural Pet Products
Established in 1991, Tri-Natural Products Inc. is a leading Canadian importer and wholesaler of innovative, premium holistic and wellness products for humans and companion animals.

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  United Kingdom Authorized Distributor
Colimanor Ltd.
T/A Postal Pet Products
+44 (0) 1453 890 506
Postal Pets Products founded in 1998, to take over the importation of Fromm Family Nutritionals into the UK. is now owned and run by Colimanor, a family business founded on love for animals and a deep desire to source and deliver nutritional excellence for pet lovers.

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  Hong Kong Authorized Distributor
Top One Pet Supplies
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  Korea Authorized Distributor
Pet & House Co., Ltd.
Please call 011-921-6367/8 for a store near you.

  Denmark Authorized Distributor
Gilpa DK
Please call 011-457-526-4400 for a store near you.

  Germany Authorized Distributor
Heimtierbedarf Lang
Please call 011-49-6403-90270 for a store near you.

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