Brand Director

Brand Director &
5th Generation Family Member

As Brand Director, my primary roles include company branding, product development, creative direction, packaging, web development and all things tech-related. In addition to my daily responsibilities, my brother Dan and I have embarked on a complete business immersion program to help us one day take the reins of our family business. Learning every aspect of what makes Fromm run has provided a deeper appreciation for what my father and generations before him have sacrificed to build this brand into what it is today.

The Fromm culture

The culture at Fromm is family-orientated (four legs and two), close-knit and full of hard work, laughter and a true sense of pride. At Fromm, we like to think of our day to day as a blend of work and life. Some of my best friends are my co-workers.  My dog Isobel accompanies me to work daily and I share an office with my Grandma Betty who always seems to have a smile on her face and a story to tell. 

Inspiration drives us

I am constantly inspired by the testimonials we receive. Our customers appreciate that we’re dedicated to a hands-on approach to preparing the highest quality pet food possible while remaining family owned and family operated. In addition, I am inspired by my forefather’s vision, perseverance and dedication to quality and innovation. My Dad is a living testament to the Nieman/Fromm entrepreneurial spirit, and I’m honored to be learning the family business from him.


I have the unique privilege of bringing my dog Isobel to work with me each and every day. After she bolts up the stairs to our office, she makes the rounds to greet our team members. At home my agile and affectionate cat Kingston rules the roost and keeps Isobel on her toes. Like me, Isobel and Kingston enjoy a little variety in their diet and it’s no surprise they love being trusted taste-testers for new recipes we cook up.

Outside of Fromm

Outside of Fromm, I spend my time biking, playing sports and drumming in my long-time rock band. I am also an avid foodie with a passion for the culinary arts, and I enjoy brewing fine ales and lagers with my family and local homebrew club. Music and film are my lifelong passions which I’ve been immersed in for as long as I can remember. In addition, I have been extremely lucky to travel to some amazing parts of the world. All these activities are best spent in the company of my friends and family.

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