How do I transition my pet to Fromm?

Whenever you change your pet’s food, the key is to go slowly.

If you make the change too fast, your dog or cat may develop stomach upset. This is true even when switching to a Fromm recipe, because the gut needs time to adjust to any change.

Also, picky eaters may refuse a new food if the change is too sudden.

There is no magic timeline for all dogs and cats, as every pet is an individual. For success and a happy tummy, here are two ways to transition your pet to their new Fromm food:

The Mixing Method

  • Mix a small portion of the new food together with your pet’s current food. Think 25% Fromm and 75% previous food, or 1 part Fromm to 3 parts previous food.
  • After two consecutive firm stools, switch to a 50% Fromm and 50% previous food ratio Then after two consecutive firm stools, switch to a 75% Fromm 25% previous food ratio (or 3 parts Fromm food to 1 part previous).
  • Finally, after two more consecutive firm stools, feed just the Fromm food.

The Two Bowls Method

  • Fill your pet’s food dish with their current food, as usual. But also offer a small amount of the new Fromm food in a bowl right next to it.
  • Watch to see if your pet warms up to the new Fromm food and nibbles at it. If they do, gradually increase the quantity of new food over several days to a week.
  • Start reducing the quantity of the old food at the same time.
  • Finally, stop offering the old food, so your pet is eating just the new Fromm food.

Some pets do better with one of these two methods. So, if one method doesn’t work well, try the other.

Note: If your pet is already having digestive upset or loose stools, it’s okay to start feeding Fromm right away.

When switching between different Fromm recipes, no transition period is required.