How should I store my Fromm pet food?

For dry food:

Fromm dry (kibble) should be stored in a cool, dry place. This should be somewhere indoors—like a pantry—rather than in an environment like the garage or outdoors, where temperatures may fluctuate and exposure to pests is more likely. Also, don’t use the freezer or refrigerator to store dry (kibble) food.

Fromm dry foods should be stored in their original packaging. The bags that our recipes come in are specially designed to keep the kibble fresh, and to keep contaminants out of the food.

On the other hand, when you pour the food into another container—especially plastic ones—that may result in food contamination or spoilage. That’s because over time, the fats in our kibble will seep into the pores of many types of plastic. Compare this to storing something like tomato sauce in a plastic container—the sauce permanently dyes the container red. When this happens with kibble, you may also have foreign materials from the plastic introduced into your pet’s food.

If you would like to transfer your food to another container, we recommend placing the entire dry food bag inside of another sealed container.

For wet (canned) food:

Prior to opening, store cans in a cool, dry place indoors, just like you would for dry food.

Once opened, cover the can (with a pet food can lid, or in an airtight container) and store it in the refrigerator for up to five days.

If your pet takes longer than five days to consume a can of food, you do have the option of storing open wet food in the freezer for up to three months. Place the food in a storage container designed for use in the freezer. Or, put small amounts of wet food into an ice cube tray and freeze, for smaller portions. Thaw the food right before serving it to your pet.

Wet food should be sealed and stored in the refrigerator after opening. Our wet food should not be stored for longer than five days after opening.