What does “All Life Stages” mean?

Food recipes for dogs and cats are generally approved for certain stages of a pet’s life: growth (puppy/kitten), adult maintenance, or pregnancy/lactation. This determination is made based on standards from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and the information is stated on a pet food’s packaging.

The reason for the differences has to do with the proportions of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are needed at these times during a pet’s life. For example, growing puppies need more protein and fat than adult dogs do.

Fromm Family Foods recipes are labeled “all life stages” when they meet the nutritional needs of a pet at each different phase of life.

Feeding the right proportion of an “all life stages” food is very important—the amount fed will vary based on your pet’s age and weight, so be sure to closely check the recommended feeding amount on the food’s packaging.

In some cases, though—especially if your pet is a growing puppy or kitten, large breed dog, small breed dog, or pet who struggles with weight gain—it may be more beneficial to use a food specifically designed for your pet’s needs.

If your pet falls into one of these categories, we highly recommend feeding one of the Fromm Gold recipes, suited for your pet; Fromm Kitten GoldPuppy Gold, Large Breed Puppy Gold, Large Breed Adult Gold, Small Breed Adult Gold, or Weight Management Gold.