What is the difference between kitten and cat food recipes?

Cats and kittens have different nutritional requirements.

Kittens grow very rapidly when they’re young—so they need a food that supports an ideal growth rate. Also, kittens tend to be more active than adult cats.

Between their growth and their playful lifestyle, kittens require more calories and more of certain nutrients than adult cats do. Their diet must be formulated so that it’s easy on their still-developing digestive system.

For this reason, Fromm kitten food is more nutrient dense than adult cat food: it contains more calories, protein, and fat, as well as the right proportions of vitamins and minerals for growing kittens.

If an adult cat eats a kitten’s food, it’s likely they’ll gain weight because of the higher calorie and fat content.

On the other hand, if a kitten eats adult cat food, they’ll miss out on what they need to grow up healthy and strong. That’s why we offer recipes for kittens as well as for adult cats.