How is Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold different?

Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold is specifically designed for the special needs of small breed dogs. A higher metabolic rate, smaller stomach, and shorter transit time all needed to be taken into account when designing this food. Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold is a nutrient-rich, energy-dense food digested better by smaller dogs. It is formulated with five animal protein sources – chicken, fish, egg, duck, and lamb – and two concentrated energy sources – salmon oil and chicken fat – which meet the high-energy needs of small breeds and promote lean muscle development. The recipe is a complete and balanced, nutrient-rich food in a smaller kibble for small breeds.

General Weight Classifications: Small breed dogs have an adult weight of 25 pounds or less, while the weight for Adult Gold is 29 to 50, and Large Breed Adult Gold is greater than 50 pounds.