Happy Howl-o-ween: Tips on how to 'treat' your dog

Happy Howl-o-ween: Tips on how to 'treat' your dog


Enrichment: Treats & Toys

Dogs benefit from playing with their food as it stimulates their intellect by building mental skills. An interactive treat puzzle, lick mat, or stuffed Kong are all excellent ways for your dog to enjoy their food, while optimizing their cognitive function.

Our Ingredient Recommendations for Enrichment Toys

Kong or Lick Mat Recipe:

Food Motivation: Rewards for who & when

Some dogs are food motivated and happiest when their training success is rewarded with a treat! There’s nothing wrong with rewarding good behaviors as long as the training treats are part of your dog’s balanced nutritional plan. It is important to note that treats should always be counted towards the total daily calories your dog consumes. They should be used in moderation and limited to less than 10% of your pet’s total daily caloric intake. If you are looking for low calorie options, green beans, broccoli, carrots, Crunchy Os, or any other pet-safe treats your veterinarian recommends are possible choices. The type of treat you reward your dog with can depend on their life stage and size. The convenient small size of Pop'etts makes them a great option for smaller dogs and puppies. The light and airy texture of Crunchy Os makes them easy to break into smaller pieces, being ideal for training and senior dogs.

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Treats, Tricks & More

Enriching your pets life with stimulation (tricks and exercise) and variety (treat flavors and types) contributes to your dogs overall health and happiness. Exercise is important for our pets, but for owners too as it promotes the human-animal bond. Regular exercise helps our pets stay active, limber, and encourages a healthy digestive system. It also provides positive mental and emotional benefits in which treats can be a great facilitator of that!

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Fall Favorites: Functional and Nutritious Ingredients

It's important to note that not all human food is safe or recommended for dogs, but that doesn't mean they can't feast on some of the Fall favorites we love! Here are a few seasonal options to consider:

  • 100% Raw Pureed Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cranberries
  • Apples
  • Turkey

Treating your dog can be fun for both of you, and you don't need toys or gadgets to do it. Assembling snacks for your pup such as a Bark-uterie Board or Pups'more (100% Raw Pureed Pumpkin between Salmon with Sweet Potato Treats) can be a new and exciting way to reward your canine companion.

How to enjoy a safe & happy Halloween with your pup

  • Know and understand your dog's behavior. The sound of door bells, the chaos of children, and the unfamiliar costumes can easily cause your dog to become overwhelmed. Knowing if and how these things trigger your dog is important before taking them out in public.
  • If you worry about your dog's reaction to trick-or-treaters, it might be best to create a more private area for them, whether that be in a bedroom or kennel.
  • Be sure to exercise and feed your dog before going out. Doing so will result in your dog being less likely to search for dropped food and treats. Walking or playing fetch beforehand will help to alleviate their anxiety amongst all the excitement.
  • Bring treats and poop bags for potty breaks so your pup doesn't miss out on all the Halloween fun. Bringing eerie-sistible treats will help encourage desired behaviors and be a reward for your dog.
  • Ensure your dog is securely wearing their ID tags before going out in case they accidentally become separated from you. This helps get your canine companion back to you quickly and safely.

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