Dried Whole Egg

Dried whole eggs contain amounts of all essential amino acids, thus making them "the perfect protein source". In addition to their varied proteins, eggs also contain many components which help promote the overall health of your pet. Eggs have a range of high quality saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. They also contain higher amounts of carotenoids, a compound associated with eye health and eyesight improvement, than vegetables. Additionally, eggs are one of the only foods that contain vitamin D which is used to promote strong and healthy bones. Their rich vitamin E content also helps combat free radicals and ensure cell protection. Furthermore, the iron present in eggs aids in the formation of red blood cells, while their zinc aids in the normal functioning of the immune system. Eggs also contain a high amount of sulfur and many vitamins and minerals which promote healthy skin and coat, while choline— an essential component of eggs— boosts brain power. Fromm uses only whole eggs, from USDA inspected facilities and only from a processor who follows our strict guidelines for product quality.

Health Benefits

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