Pickford Feed Service

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Pickford Feed Service

At one of the few working grain elevators left in the area, proud owners Mark and Kristin Taylor are celebrating 20 years of providing custom livestock feed and pet food all through the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

In addition to being locally owned, we take pride in our customer service which includes carry-outs and friendly faces!  



Wood Pellets, Propane, Bovine Feed, Poultry Feed, Minerals, Fertilizers, Garden Seeds, Pet Foods, Fencing Supplies, Deer Bait, Non Gmo Feeds, Field Seed, Deer Plot Seeds, Soil Amendments, Wild Bird Feed/Feeders, Organic Feed, Water Softener Salt, Livestock Show Feeds, Vegetable/Flower Plants, Seed Cleaning, Lawn Seed, Weed Control,  Pond Treatment, Animal Bedding, Work Gloves, Hay/Silage, Bulk Grains, Rabbit Feed, Pest Control, Potting Soils and Mulch

We carry a variety of dog foods, each with a wide list of flavors, and sizes! In addition, we have even More options when it comes to treats! Dog bones and other chews, collars, wormers, and flea/tick treatments can be found alongside these other products.
You will be hard pressed to not find the perfect dog food solution to fit your budget or dogs' dietary needs!
Grain Free, Senior, Canned Food, Puppy, Low Calorie, Adult, Small/Toy Breed, Large Breed, Allergen Friendly, Made in USA, All Life Stage, Sporting Dog/Performance 

Our feline food options cover multiple feed requirements based on you cats' activity level. Many of your favorite recipes as well as ones that are sure to become your new favorites!

We strive to be your one-stop shop by also providing great options for treats and cat litters.

Grain Free, Kitten, All Life Stage, Finicky Eater, Adult, Made In USA, Outdoor, Hairball, Indoor, Active, Senior

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Other Products

What Can't You Find Here?

Livestock feed is our specialty and the options are unlimited!

Custom house blends for all ages of horse, bovine, sheep, pig, poultry, goat, game-bird, wild bird seeds, and deer. All can be blended with your own unique recipe upon request.

With our commercially bagged feed we are able to provide all of the above with the addition of non-gmo and organic options.

We couldn't leave out our pocket pets and exotic animal feeds! 

While we are always happy to special orders items, you'd be shocked to know a lot of these items are regular stock items! 

  • Rabbit Pellets
  • Potbelly Pig 
  • LLama/Alpacha
  • Parrot/Parakeet 
  • Ratite 
  • Pigeon 
  • Outdoors Fish Pellets