Photo & Video Tips: How to capture your cat

Photo & Video Tips: How to capture your cat


Your New Cat: Tips on how to capture the perfect shot

We all love to shoot and share images of our cats. From still photos to video, it’s all a great way to share some of your most treasured and entertaining family moments with the world.  From building a family photo album to broadcasting with a much larger audience, photos and videos of your cats chronicle your life and document the most important and touching moments. Some people have even turned this passion into a profitable business on social media. Whatever the motivation, and whether it’s still shots or video, it’s all more fun when it turns out well. We love nothing more than seeing heartwarming, entertaining, and inspiring snippets of happy cats bringing their best for the camera. And we’re especially honored when it’s all shared online in our “Show us you Cuties” portal on the website:

From preparation to shooting, and editing and sharing, there are a few basic tips that will make your photos and videos even better.

1. Be prepared 

Anticipate what you’d like to see. Having an idea of what might or should happen, and planning ahead increases your chances of capturing the action or pose that you hope for. Many cats have special tricks, or funny routines that you can anticipate. Perhaps there’s a regular hiding spot, or a toy they react to in a fun way.

2. Be equipped

Having treats handy can make the whole process much more fun for everyone. We like to give treats as much as they love to get them, and happy cats are cute cats. Who knows, photo time might become the favorite part of the day! Be sure to have lots of positive rewards for the behavior you seek and be equipped with several options to keep their attention and interest.

3. Avoid extra noise and busy backgrounds

Be sure to keep an eye (and ear) on what matters most – your cat. A clean, clear background avoids distraction, so do what you can to keep your cat the focus of the shot. If you’re shooting video and there’s a lot of background noise, replacing the distracting audio with music can be a fun way to add an interesting tone and feeling to the clip. Just remember that viewers – and your cat – can easily lose focus if there is anything competing with them in the scene. We want to keep our cats the center of attention.

4. Use natural lighting when possible

Natural lighting offers a clean, well-balanced look, and can help avoid the shock of a flash or harsh artificial lights. Indoors, you can often use big windows to produce great, dramatic lighting. When shooting at night, or when additional light is needed, use as much of your normal indirect light as possible to give the shot a warm, comfy look.

5. Get up close and personal

It’s best to get down on your cat’s level rather than shooting from overhead. Get as close as you can and focus on the face and eyes. It can make the photo much more personal and expressive and makes it much easier to capture the emotion and personalities we all love. We want to see our cats as members of the family and getting on their level makes them much more engaging – and every image more compelling.

6. Keep it moving

Once you find your shot, experiment with other perspectives. You may find some different angles that are unique and fun. And as you experiment, you may also be able to use the focal length of your lens to isolate and selectively focus to blur backgrounds and further define your subject.

7. Stay happy and positive

Be sure to keep positive energy flowing as cats can read your emotions. This can be talking with your cat by encouraging and praising the behavior you desire. Remember to keep this a happy experience for all involved. Often a helper can assist with directing and engaging the cat while the cameraperson focuses on capturing it all.

8. Shoot a lot, then get picky

When shooting still images, shoot more than you think you’ll need. Some of the best moments happen when you least expect it. You may have “live”,”burst” or “continuous” modes to choose from on your camera or phone. Use them generously and you may discover that you’ve captured some hidden gems. And when it comes time to select the shots you want, you can always (and should) discard the extra stuff that isn’t as good. You will likely have a LOT of good material to choose from, so be picky.

When shooting video, shoot early and often, and capture as much as you can. Then edit down to the good stuff, and keep your final video short and sweet. One or two minutes is a long final video if you plan to share on social media. Adding music or a voice over can add continuity and interest in pulling the whole piece together

9. And always be ready

You can’t always plan for the sweetest shots or best footage. It pays to keep your camera or phone handy. Much like children, cats have a way of doing the funniest and most charming things in moments that pop up.

10. Then share!

Have fun and share your great work. Almost everyone (at least the people worth knowing) loves to see great photos and videos of animals looking cute, being funny, doing cool things, and showing off. Your audience is huge – and appreciative. You may even have the next internet star right in your own home.

We all love to see happy cats being themselves and having fun. And no one loves it more than we do. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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From our family to yours,

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