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Mason Du Puy

Raised on a small farm in a rural Louisiana parish, Mason was the youngest of eight boisterous, hungry siblings. He learned quickly to be first to the table, and developed a passion for hearty cooking that nourished the body and fed the soul. He earned the nickname “Hooey DooPuy!” for his delicious mix of spices and seasoning that made everyone get up and dance. He went on to start his own Four-Star restaurant “K-Pooch” where his national reputation and popularity elevated him to star status.

Mason Du Puy 's Recipes

Mason’s Three Meat Cassoulet

A hand-pressed cassoulet of broth-softened Pork & Applesauce morsels filled with hearty beef sausage Frommbo Gumbo, and crested with the savory, airy crunch of bacon Crunchy Os.
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Poulet de Boudin

Hearty balls of Chicken Sausage Stew coated with a golden crust of crushed smoked cheese Crunchy Os atop a shallow nest of baked pork and applesauce nuggets.
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Chef Du Puy’s Pampered Pork Gumbo

The secret family gumbo recipe! Passed down through generations, it’s brimming with plump pork sausage and always perfectly complemented with a side of lightly toasted pork and applesauce tumbles, mixed with the sweet, deafening crunch of Pumpkin Kran Pow Crunchy Os.
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The Big Easy Poulet Étouffée

It’s etouffee done Mason’s way! A swirling, meandering presentation of robust chicken sausage Frommbo Gumbo flanked on either side by tasty banks of golden, baked morsels of pork and applesauce. And for a little more fun, a smattering of Salmon Crunchy Os work their way upstream to add a final savory crunch to the deliciously satisfying journey.
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Chick-i-touffée with Baked Croutons

Over-the-top Étouffée! A full-volume feast for the senses, featuring nests of delicious new Bonnihill Farms Chick-i-Bowls entrée adorned with the hearty crunch of baked Pork & Applesauce nuggets. For the grand finale, it’s all capped with a deafening sprinkle of Blueberry Blasts Crunchy Os.
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