Fromm Response To Updated FDA DCM Complaint Reporting

July 1, 2019

To our valued partners,

As you may be aware on June 27th 2019, the FDA issued an updated press release with a summary of their ongoing investigation into the potential connection between certain diets and cases of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Fromm, along with many other pet food manufacturers, is listed as one of the pet food brands included in complaints filed by pet owners with dogs or cats diagnosed with DCM.

The FDA investigation acknowledges that the potential association between dietary characteristics and DCM is complex and may involve multiple factors outside of diet alone including genetics and metabolism. While the complexity of DCM and other metabolic factors makes it difficult to substantiate causation to specific diets, ingredients, or ingredient interactions, we take this matter seriously and will continue to monitor all information as the FDA investigation progresses.

Fromm’s dedication to the health and nutrition of animals has been the bedrock of our brand since 1904. Since 1949, we have been producing complete and balanced foods for dogs. At times, this includes the supplementation of essential amino acids in addition to the vitamins and minerals needed for balanced nutrition. In regard to taurine deficiency and the potential for increased risk of diet-related DCM, all Fromm recipes, including both grain-free and grain-in, are supplemented with taurine. Additionally, all of our foods contain ample levels of cysteine and methionine which dogs use to metabolize their own taurine.

We empathize with any pet parent and their beloved pet who may have experienced the hardship of coping with DCM health related issues. As always, we will remain vigilant in monitoring FDA communication and potential findings related to DCM and other possible health issues.

Our team of customer service professionals are at the ready to address any concerns you or your customers may have.


Tom Nieman
President and Fourth-Generation Owner
Fromm Family Foods