Feeding Tips

The same food safety procedures used for yourself and your family should also be used for your pets. 

Food and water bowls

Clean food and water dishes are just as important for your pet's health as they are for yours. To keep your pet safe from harmful bacteria that can grow on the surface of his dishes, wash the dishes regularly, and be sure to remove any old food before scooping in his next meal of delicious, fresh Fromm food.

Drinking Water

Having fresh, clean water is also a necessity you share with your pet. Your pet’s drinking water should be clean, clear, and have no scent. For pet parents that allow their pets the freedom of roaming outdoors, make sure the outdoor water that they have access to is safe. Remember that farmers and pond owners often use chemicals for various purposes. Make sure you prevent your four-legged friend from drinking water that may be affected by these chemicals.

Feeding Recommendations

On the back of every bag of food, we provide you with feeding recommendations for your dog or cat based on its weight. However, because all pets are unique, this chart cannot accommodate all of the variables that affect how much food your pet needs. To learn more about how to find pet’s portion size, visit our Frequently Asked Question about feeding.  In addition, for the most comprehensive feeding recommendations for individual recipes, please visit the Feeding Recommendations section of the product page for your specific recipe. As always, if you need additional assistance, please Contact Us.

Avoid Overfeeding

Sometimes, as pet parents, the love we have for our pets can become over-love, and we may treat them to a few too many goodies. Unfortunately, those extra calories add up to extra pounds. Obesity in pets can lead to many health problems. So, make sure you take into account any treats or other foods your pet may be eating. Pay close attention to our recommendations, and adjust the amount of food your pet receives as necessary. If you have any questions regarding feeding or overfeeding, please Contact Us.

Storing food

After purchasing a fresh bag of Fromm kibble, we recommend storing the food in its original bag inside an outer, sealed container in a cool, dry environment. Despite any added convenience, we do not recommend pouring our food out of its original bag. Our bags are designed to keep the freshness in and to keep potentially harmful contaminants out!