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Petsense offers quality pet products at competitive prices. In addition, Petsense offers a variety of professional pet services to improve the pet's well-being. We operate our business at a level of integrity beyond reproach and promote responsible pet ownership through pet adoptions, community involvement and education.

We offer dog training in store. 

Group classes

  • Act and React 1 hour class x4 classes $100
  • Out and About 1 hour class x4 classes $100
  • Need to Know 1 hour class x4 classes $100 (great for new dog owners)

Private lessons 

  • 1 hour private lesson in the store $45/hour


  • Must take at least 1 section of classes to qualify for graduation and a certificate of completion.
  • All pets must be current on all age appropriate vaccinations
  • Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age to attend the classes.

Petsense Pet Salon's offer a wide variety of services ranging from Nail trims, Bathing, and Full service grooming. All pricing varies by breed, size, and current coat condition so it is always best to visit the Salon to speak with one of our staffers.

  • Dog Grooming 
  • Bath and Brush
  • Daily Bath specials
  • Express Groom
  • Puppy Package
  • De-Shedding package
  • Add on Services are available.

Cat Grooming is on a per groomer choice.

We partner with Henry Trimble Animal Shelter to have dog adoption events monthly. 

We have a SavAPet center that has helped contribute to over 106,000 cats being adopted from our stores. 

Petsense has a wide array of items to choose from that you can get shipped directly to your house.

We offer curbside pickup for those that would love the added convenience during this time.  

Other Products

We carry an assortment of small animal needs such as: reptiles, birds, hamsters, turtles, guinea pigs, chinchillas, as well as live feeder bugs for the reptiles and frozen mice/rats for the snakes.

Live animal assortment will vary by store. Madison Petsense carries Bearded Dragons and Geckos.