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Who are we? We're just like you! Two crazy Pet Parents who want nothing but the best for their furry family members. 

With my three amazing dogs and wonderful husband, I've been able to make a dream into a reality. I've got over a decade worth of experience in the Pet Industry, over eight years experience working with wildlife and am a 3x Certified Animal Nutritionist. ​

It is with this knowledge and experience that I want to bring the best of the best to the pets of the Bluegrass. I want to take away the worry and strain that pet parents face when deciding what products to pick or food to feed. I want our customers to know that whenever they step into our store, that they can truly trust whats on our shelves.

​I want to empower Pet Parents with the knowledge they need in order to make informed and healthy decisions about their animals lives.


We are a Holistic Pet Food & Supply Store that carries an array of foods for dogs, cats & small animals. We also carry a large selection of toys, treats, apparel and homemade iced cookies & cakes! 

Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry

Fromm Family Recipes

The best food starts on the family farm

Fromm Family Recipes

A time-tested family recipe

Fromm Family Recipes

Recklessly crunchy dog treats

Fromm Family Recipes

Gourmet dog food & treats

Fromm Family Recipes

A holistic approach to complete nutrition

Fromm Family Recipes

Complete and balanced pâté recipes

Fromm Family Recipes

Soft & Savory Treats for Dogs

Other Products

Rabbit Food & Supplies

Guinea Pig Food & Supplies

Gerbil Food & Supplies 

Hamster Food & Supplies