Exotic Jungle Pet Superstore

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Morgantown, WV 26505
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Exotic jungle opened their doors in 1985 and have been serving the community and surrounding cities and states providing full lines of dog, cat, small animal, bird, reptile, fish and more with the service you deserve and cannot get in big box stores and the quality products you are wanting. We don't just sell you the product or animal but make sure it is what you and your pet needs and that it is what is best for them.  We don't try to sell you products, "just because".  If there's no need, then why purchase?  We are here also,  to solve problems and issues, not just sell something that may or may not work and may not even be the reason your pet is having issues.  We want you and your pet happy and healthy  we frequently have cat adoptions and do lots of events

We try to have cat adoptions every Sunday. Call for info

Cat food, toys, treats, beds, harnesses and collars, apparel, housing, carriers, condos, health and welness products, cleaning supplies, window seats, heated houses and beds and so much more

Other Products

Aquariums and fish and pond supplies, freshwater and saltwater fish, live plants, pond fish, reptiles, housing, accessories for reptiles, food for reptiles, heating, small animals and housing, accessories, treats, food, welness, bird cages, birds, toys, food, accessories, so so much more