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​We Founded WaggMore in 2016. We're a small family business. It's not easy being a small business in a big business world, but we absolutely love, love, love we what we do! We very much appreciate each and every customer that chooses to shop with us. We know YOU have lots of choices, and all your support means everything to us at WaggMore! We are committed to build and grow to help the people and pets.

WaggMore is the ultimate shopping destination and experience for both you and your 4-legged loved ones! Our mission is to bring you the very best through our customer service, knowledge, and passion for animals. We specialize in quality products that you will not find in everyday box stores. Every item we carry has been examined and hand selected to meet our standards for your dog(s). We believe in Pricing fairly and competitively. Our goal is for customers to get exceptional value. Rest assure, we carry nothing that our own pets do not use and enjoy themselves!

All our treats, snacks and chews our all locally made, healthy and organic! Most are wheat, grain, soy and corn free.

Best Wishes,
Christopher Murch & Toby
Founders of WaggMore

Self-Washing Station Now open! Pricing & Booking online at or call us to book an appointment.

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Delivering to Lake Mohawk, NJ 07871

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We also offer Delivery on the Map Image to:

Lake Shawnee

Lake Winona

Lake Forest


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Call ahead, and we will bring your products right to your car!


(BYOP) Bring Your Own Pup!

We offer a wide variety of Healthy and Organic Dog Treats made by locals or us. A bakery selection of Cookies, Macarons, Cupcakes, Birthday Cakes. We have selection of toys, Bowls and Bowl sets, Travel gear, Health and Hygiene Products, Dry and Wet Foods, Raincoats, sweaters, Seasonal apparel, Greeting Cards, Custom Gift Baskets, Bedding and Gifts and Apparel for all Dog Lovers!.

If any bag of dog food is too heavy for you, we will hand carry it to your vehicle or pull right up to the front of our store and will load it in your vehicle. 

Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry

Fromm Family Recipes

A time-tested family recipe

Fromm Family Recipes

Recklessly crunchy dog treats

Fromm Family Recipes

Canine comfort food

Fromm Family Recipes

Gourmet dog food & treats

Fromm Family Recipes

A holistic approach to complete nutrition

Fromm Family Recipes

Help maintain gut regularity

Fromm Family Recipes

Complete and balanced pâté recipes

Fromm Family Recipes

Cracker snacks for dogs