Rick's Healthy Pet Foods

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Rick's Healthy Pet Foods has been providing the Barrington community with pet and wild bird feed and products services, since 1978. In store, a wide variety of dog, cat, wild bird, and small animal products are available.  Here at Rick's, we provide you and your pets with the proper products and foods that are best for them with our grand selection of natural, holistic, and trusted products. Stop in today to shop Rick's Healthy Pet Foods!

At Rick's Healthy Pet Foods we are pleased to continue to offer Small Animal Boarding. We accept all birds, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc. 


Contact Rick's for further details: 847.381.1515 

Come in to Rick's Healthy Pet Foods to shop the unique variety of our trusted dog products. These products include but aren't limited to grain and grain-free treats and dog foods, canned dog food, frozen and freeze-dried food, collars, leashes, and grooming supplies.

DON'T FORGET to cruise our  large selection of dog chewies, bones, treats, toys and frozen bones!

You're pooch will be drooling once they walk into the shop! 🐶

Fromm Family Dog Products We Carry

Fromm Family Recipes

Recklessly crunchy dog treats

Fromm Family Recipes

Gourmet dog food & treats

Fromm Family Recipes

A holistic approach to complete nutrition

Fromm Family Recipes

Help maintain gut regularity

Fromm Family Recipes

Complete and balanced pâté recipes

Fromm Family Recipes

Cracker snacks for dogs

Fromm Family Recipes

Soft & Savory Treats for Dogs

With the wide variety of trusted cat product and food selections that Rick's Healthy Pet Foods provide, shopping for your cats needs will be the easiest to check off your shopping list! 

Visit and find healthy grain-free canned foods, grain and grain-free cat dry foods, and freeze-dried food. Be sure to check out the entertaining cat toys and cat nip that your cat will adore you for!

Don't forget to find the perfect cat litter for your kittie. We have a large selection of litter and litter boxes that will fit yours and your cat's needs. 

Other Products

We don't satisfy only cats and dogs, but we also are the Wild Birdseed Headquarters! With 3 - 25LB seed bags for only $19.99, we are proud to offer direct seed straight from the mill! 


Also at Rick's,  you'll be able to shop for small animal feed and bedding, dog shampoos, flea & tick preventatives, bowls, and dog crates. 


And for for this snowy winter, don't forget to grab a bag of dog safe driveway salts so everyone in your family stays on all fours this season 🐾🐾