Who is Fromm Family Foods owned by?

Fromm Family Pet Food is proudly family owned-and-operated.  Today, Tom, Kathy, Bryan, and Dan Nieman proudly represent the fourth and fifth generations of a family business that’s still focused on new and better ways to add health and happiness to the next generation of pets and pet families everywhere.

Since the company's humble beginnings in 1904, there has been family deeply involved in everything from the kitchens and factory floor to the decisions that run the company. 

Not only are we a family-owned company, we also own and run three of our own facilities right here in Wisconsin. It gives us total control of the process and allows us to maintain our own exceptional standards of quality and safety. That means every bag and can of our cat and dog food comes from a place where we control every aspect of the process, and can guarantee a food that is prepared with extraordinary care.