How can I tell if my pet is doing well on a particular recipe?

The best measure of how your pet is doing on a particular recipe is in how their body responds to it in real life.

There are plenty of great pet food recipes available, but different individual pets may respond better to some foods than others—that’s why we offer variety, to help you find something that suits your dog or cat.

To observe your pet’s response, feed the same food consistently for at least a month. Then observe your pet for  these  factors:

  • Does your pet have plenty of energy?
  • Is your pet maintaining a healthy weight?
  • How are your pet’s bathroom habits?
    • Are they having normal bowel movements, or do they have runny stools?
  • Is your pet’s skin healthy, and their fur nice and shiny?
  • How does your pet seem to be feeling in general?
    • Do you notice a difference on the new recipe?
  • Does your pet seem to enjoy the taste of the food?

You know your pet best, so your observations can help you find the best recipe for them.