My pet has allergies, what should I feed?

This depends on which type of allergy your pet has.

True food allergies are not common in pets—in fact, they account for only 10% of pets with allergies.


Environmental allergies (allergies to pollen, dust, grasses, and other environmental triggers) are MUCH more common in dogs and cats, as are allergies to flea saliva.

The bad news is, a food change won’t help pets with environmental allergies…

But the good news is, with environmental allergies, you have a lot of recipe choices for your pet.

In order to provide your pet with the best treatment, it’s important to determine the cause of their symptoms.

If you suspect any type of allergy, to talk to your veterinarian. They can rule out other medical conditions which may require a different treatment.

Then, they can walk you through the process of determining what your pet is allergic to.

This usually involves a very strict food trial for 1-3 months to rule out food allergies, and a blood test for environmental allergies. Blood tests for food allergies aren’t as accurate as a food trial.


Is it a food sensitivity?

One other possibility is that your pet may have a food sensitivity rather than a food allergy. This means symptoms like upset stomach are not caused by an immune system reaction (an allergy) but rather by difficulty digesting or processing a certain ingredient (a sensitivity).

You can think of this as similar to the way some people are sensitive to spices in their food—they’re not allergic to the spices, but it upsets their stomach.

If that’s the case, you might find that your dog or cat does well on Fromm foods because we use a variety of ingredients rather than depending too heavily on any one particular ingredient.

This allows many sensitive pets to easily digest our foods and thrive on our recipes.


If it is a true food allergy…

If you already know your dog or cat has a true food allergy, it’s important to find a recipe that works for them and stick with it.

Often this means a prescription diet for allergies, processed on equipment that does not also process food containing the ingredients your pet is allergic to.

If you would like to try a Fromm recipe for your allergic pet, contact us to learn more about our recipes and see if there is one that is free of your pet’s known allergens.