Grain-free: what does this really mean?

Grain-free refers to a pet food recipe has been produced without any grains included in the ingredients.

If you select a Fromm formulation that is grain-free, that means the food won’t contain any wheat, rice, rye, barley, or oats.

Dogs and cats require a balanced blend of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals—and that includes a certain amount of carbohydrates. In addition to carbohydrates for energy and fiber for healthy digestion, grains are also a source of protein and other important nutrients.

So, if a formulation doesn’t contain grains, we include alternative high-quality sources of these nutrients, such as peas, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, and more. That way, the food is nutritionally balanced for your pet while free of grains.

Does your pet need a grain-free diet? That depends.

Every dog or cat is an individual. Some pets do better with certain diet formulations than others. It may take some trial and adjustment to find the best recipe for your pet. For this reason, at Fromm Family Foods, we provide many options, including grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes.

The exception is dogs or cats who have a known grain allergy or a significant dietary sensitivity to grains. These pets will benefit from a grain-free diet—and we’re happy to provide a selection of excellent grain-free options for them.

Note: Our grain-free products are produced on equipment that also process grain-inclusive recipes. Therefore, our grain-free products could contain trace amounts of grain ingredients.