Do I need to rotate recipes? Is there a benefit to doing so?

When you feed a nutritionally complete and balanced pet food (and of course, all Fromm diets are nutritionally complete and balanced), recipe rotation isn’t necessary…

However, rotation and variety may be something your pet enjoys—especially if they’re a picky eater or if their appetite needs to be tempted due to an illness.

If you feel your dog or cat would enjoy more dietary selections, we have some great options for them. In particular, we created the Four-Star Nutritionals line to offer dogs and cats variety, with satisfying flavors for even the pickiest of eaters.

The good news is, once your pet is transitioned to Fromm foods, most pets can rotate between products without a transition or any tummy upset.

This is true for our Four-Star Nutritionals line—and many pet parents also successfully rotate between our different lines, including Fromm Gold and Fromm Classic.

Finding the right food (or recipe rotation) for your dog or cat can take some trial and adjustment, since every pet has their own preferences in terms of food flavors, textures, and other factors.

Also, some pets are more sensitive than others.

Pets with sensitive stomachs may have digestive upset with dietary changes, no matter which diet you are changing to. If your dog or cat has a food allergy, ingredient sensitivity, or very sensitive stomach, it’s best to stick with recipes you know they do well with.