What are Fromm Nutritionals? How are they used and supportive of GI health?

Fromm Family Nutritionals are tasty, pâté-style wet foods for dogs, which are formulated to aid in digestive support.

Nutritionals are not a complete and balanced food on their own, but rather are designed for use as a dietary supplement—something to keep in your cupboard for times when your pup may need it.

Thanks to a unique fiber blend and other healthy ingredients, Nutritionals can promote gut regularity, help resolve stomach upset, and help prevent constipation.

This is perfect for any time your otherwise-healthy pup has digestive upset caused by getting into something they shouldn’t have, during times of stress (like boarding or traveling), or while transitioning to a new food.

For short-term digestive aid, you may replace up to 80% of your dog’s food with Nutritionals for 2-3 days, then gradually decrease the amount. As a long-term supplement, use Nutritionals to replace up to 20% of your dog’s daily food ration.