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Dry kibble versus cans, what's the difference?

It takes more canned food to meet the nutrient requirements of the animal because of the moisture involved. Since canned foods contain about 79% water — and remember water has no nutrients  it simply is a dilution issue. Dry kibble foods have very little moisture (about 6-7%) and thus represent a more concentrated form of nutrients. Canned foods can be helpful in terms of making the diet more palatable and increasing water consumption, but they really are not very economical to use for everyday feeding. Canned foods benefit cats more than dogs because cats do not normally consume enough water at will. A cat on dry food is more likely to develop urinary problems than a cat fed wet food, canned food, or a mixture. Overall, we look at using canned foods as a wonderful way to supplement the terrific nutritional package we present with our dry products and a good way to satiate those particularly picky eaters. 

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