Why does Fromm make Large Breed dog foods?

Compared to other pets, dogs are unique in their size variation. As you can imagine, a 150-pound Great Dane will have different health and nutritional needs than a 3-pound Teacup Yorkshire Terrier (that’s a 50 times difference in size!).

Large and giant breed dogs (pups who are over 50 pounds at their adult weight) need a diet formulated for their unique metabolism (they have a slower metabolism than small dogs), longer digestive tract length, larger stomach size, and bone/joint health requirements.

Additionally, growing large breed puppies need a diet formulated just for them. They do a lot more growing than smaller pups do, and excesses of certain nutrients during puppyhood can lead to bone development problems.

Fromm large breed formulations, with recipes for both adults and growing puppies), are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your large breed dog at all stages of their life.