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Extraordinary Dishes for the Ones You Love.

Extraordinary Dishes for the Ones You Love.

By combining different Fromm foods and treats, Wade Billings and his friends have curated a line of extraordinary recipes that pet parents can easily prepare at home for their special pups. Each recipe offers an engaging mix of rich flavors, delectable textures, and fun presentation - all created to delight, satisfy, and exceed the elevated tastes of pets and pet owners alike. – Chef curated, Owner prepared, Dog loved.

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Field & Stream Platter

An island of rich Turkey Pâté perched amidst a cascading bed of Trout and Whitefish nuggets, gently crested with the soothing crunch of Pumpkin Kran Pow Crunchy Os.
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Fishin’ Fowl Delight

A wildly delicious taste as big as the great outdoors that combines a starburst of golden Trout and Whitefish tumbles capped with a rich topping of Duck a la Veg Pâté. It’s all rounded out with a small patch of the wild goodness of Blueberry Crunchy Os.
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Fresh Catch Casserole

A bounty of deliciousness from the stream to the sea, starting with a crescent of toasty Trout and Whitefish morsels nestling dollops of savory Salmon and Chicken Pâté, and finally garnished with a babbling sprinkle of crunchy, delicious Salmon Crunchy Os.
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Surf ‘n Turf Billings Style

An adventurous romp from grasslands to babbling brook starting with a meandering riverbed of delicious Trout & Whitefish nuggets gently criss-crossed with stepping stones of hearty Beef & Barley Pâté. And it all peaks out with a rewarding little summit of Pot Roast Punchers Crunchy Os.
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Bouilli d'Antan au Canard et Jambon

A delicious bed of duck and vegetable morceaux nestled next to a serving of rich pulled pork, crowned with fresh carrots, and finished off with the delightfully resounding crunch of crispy Crunchy Os Pot Roast Punchers.
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Canard Canine Bleu à la Banane

A robust helping of baked duck and vegetable croquettes flanked with savory chicken, ham and cheese in gravy, all highlighted with the sweet scent and unmistakable crunch of airy Crunchy Os Banana Kablammas.
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La Tourtière de Jean Paul

Meat pie meets magnifique! Start with a mound of baked duck and vegetable morceaux flanked by hearty patties of rich meatloaf and finish this meaty masterpiece with the delicate crunch of smoky Crunchy Os Smokin’ CheesePlosions.
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Les Plaisirs de la Mer

These “pleasures of the sea” combine all of Jean Paul’s favorites; baked duck and vegetable morsels, a rich seafood chowder stew, surrounded by “la touche finale parfaite” of smoky Crunchy Os Slammon’ Smoked Salmon.
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Pollo e Manzo

A delicious trip around the farm, from pen to paddock, starting with a bowl of perfectly baked chicken and vegetable crocchette, then crowned and drizzled with a hearty beefy vegetable stew, and finally capped off with the recklessly savory crunch of pot roast treats.
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Pollo Delizioso

A delicious threesome starting with a healthy smattering of perfectly baked, chicken/vegetable crocchette, complemented with a side of rich, savory chicken & farm vegetable stew, and finally finished with the robust crunch of delightful blueberry chicken treats.
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Pollo con Zucca

A delightfully crunchy blend of chicken and vegetable crocchette, dressed with crown of turkey and country vegetable stew, then deliciously surrounded with airy, crunchy pumpkin cranberry treats nestled in dollops of creamy, smooth pumpkin.

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